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We have a diverse team with vast experience and background In Insurance, Employee Benefit Restructuring, Managing Healthcare Administration Works and Costs, and Human Resource Management.

We partner with reputable managed care organisation to customise your company’s health care needs and employee assistance program to deliver the best service  at affordable cost.

Facilitator & Consulting Service Provider for:


Companies of various sizes purchase health insurance for their employees to cover companies against financial expenses in the event employees fall sick, succumb to critical illnesses and death.

The advancement in medical science has a higher chance to help people to live longer and healthier. However, due to the sedentary lifestyles of people follow nowadays in the modern society, they might fall prey to chronic disease in the future, which in turn can result in day-to-day medical expenses after a certain age.

At Ops Med, we can design a suitable healthcare package in accordance to the company’s financial and the benefits requirements. OPS MED partnering with reputable managed care organisation for cashless outpatient GP; with over 2000 clinics span across Malaysia, helps facilitate the cashless medical benefits. With our dedicated team, we are here to help you to design the right healthcare plan for your company.

Employee Benefits

It is a standard norm for companies to provide some form of employee benefits to their employees as an incentive to attract and retain existing employees and new recruits.

The common employee benefits available in the industry in general like Optical, Dental, fitness, education assistance apart from medical coverage. Our team at OPS MED can help you design the right employee benefits to support the wellbeing of your employees. We believe in working together with HR to provide a better employee benefit management programme for existing and recruiting new talent pool.

Wellness Programme

Similar to employee benefits, wellness programme is gaining momentum across the industry. Many companies realise employee wellness is important in order for the employee to function well at work and in personal life.

There is quote “ A HAPPY EMPLOYEE IS A PRODUCTIVE EMPLOYEE”. A person wellness is represented in the wellness wheel which consists of 8 dimensions i.e. spiritual, social, physical, financial, intellectual, emotional, occupational, and environmental. Any imbalance of this dimension does affect a person’s overall well-being.

OPS MED have engaged with a well-established wellness centre to provide the suitable wellness programme to its existing clients. Employees have the option to follow through the programme even after leaving the company. Do take the step to reach out to us to discuss and design the right wellness programme for your employees today.

Additional Support Available:

HR Coaching Solution

HR is very challenged as trying to achieve a balance between Management and employees. OPS MED is committed to provide training and coaching HR and empowering the team to gain more knowledge and empowering HR teams to perform better and be the bridge role between Management and employees.

Staff Insurance Engagement Session

OPS MED is committed to engage with employees on insurance related matters. As the insurance industry is evolving, there are many insurance products and services out in the market which could be too overwhelming for employees to comprehend due to information overflow. We at OPS MED can tailor the right type of insurance engagement with employees to ensure employees to be equipped and have the basic understating of the insurance product and service at their disposal. Our aim is to provide service excellence to our clients through unparallel dedication.

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